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Buckingham Leadership Institute

Our church was working hard and spinning our wheels. We knew that we needed some fresh eyes to help us see how we could be working more effectively.

Inviting Dr. Buckingham and Pastor Dave Steeves to come partner with us through a consultation was historically one of the more important moves we have ever made as a church.

It wasn't that we were not working hard, it was that there were pieces of the puzzle that we were missing. I use the analogy of the spokes of a wheel. We had plenty of spokes, but they weren't all going far enough to be effective. 

Dr. B's words of encouragement and practical wisdom are still ringing through our business meetings and leadership language. Having someone from their own generation endorse the changes that needed to take place has helped folk to pay the emotional costs needed to move forward. 

Our attendance and finances both grew because people caught a vision for what our church could be like. The people bought in, owned the pain and worked the vision. By the years end we wound up having the best attendance we've had for years and the healthiest financial situation that our treasurer had seen in the last decade. There had been so many fresh new faces that it simply left us dumbfounded. We felt like Naaman and wondered how doing something so simple (not easy) could make such a life changing difference.

If you are hoping to see change in your church then Dr. Buckingham and Dave Steeves have the skill and experience to identify how you can move forward. However, there is no shortcut and they don't promise a shortcut.

They help by showing you where you will need to do the hard work and pay the emotional costs. Then they will continue to support you and encourage you and cheer you and your church on.

These initial victories paved the way for even more!

Having them come for a consult made a world of difference for us at Hillcrest. To move forward cost us many tears and the laying down of our personal preferences, but never has pain felt so good nor the rewards been so rich.

Thank you for your investment in Hillcrest!

Rev. Andrew Morse, Pastor