CAREER OPPORTUNITY Hillcrest is seeking a Next Generation Pastor to support our ongoing ministries. Find out more!

Your Career at Hillcrest

Next Generation Pastor

Who We are at Hillcrest Church

  • Location: 476 Lancaster Ave., West Saint John, NB, E2M 2L7    
  • Neighbourhood demographics, Ward 1 and Ward 3 (Lower West)
  • Church size: 125 - 150
  • Hillcrest is especially known in the community for:
  • Authentic, safe, and Wildly Loving place to gather and serve.
  • Soul Food: Community meals (400 meals weekly),
  • Caring Closet: Free clothing, household item provision
  • Our Story
  • Our Current Team


Hillcrest Cultural Statement: "The Three Wildly’s"

Wildly Loving Jesus Christ – Give God the Love He deserves on a personal level.

Wildly Loving His Church – Give the church family the love it deserves.

Wildly Loving Our Community – Love the community God has entrusted to us.

We have developed a working relationship with the Buckingham Leadership Institute that we enjoy to this day. We continue to make progressive changes to both our facility and ministry practices.

Personal Characteristics

  • Has a Pastor’s heart and willingness to follow God’s Spirit
  • Has the biblical qualifications / attitudes of an elder (I Tim 3:1-7, Tit 1:5-9, I Pet 5:1-4)
  • Loves people - is empathetic and socially engaged and approachable
  • Passionate about leading people into a relationship with Jesus
  • Proven high capacity leader with a pastor’s heart and has demonstrated an ability to lead, train and mentor others.
  • Is a mature, confident and secure leader.
  • Has a desire for excellence for the glory of God.
  • A highly self-motivated individual who is teachable and works effectively with others (Team Player).
  • Maintain positive / wildly loving attitude towards others
  • Willingness to continue learning

Qualifications of applicants

  • Born again, Baptized believer
  • Bachelor’s degree in a ministry field or equivalent
  • The ideal candidate is ordained or in the process
  • Capable with technology and promotion
  • Counseling experience or training is a plus
  • Gifted in worship is a plus

Summary of Responsibilities

The NextGen Pastor will be a full time position that provides a full range of ministry oversight and pastoral care in the areas of Children’s ministry, Youth ministry, Young Adults ministry. The NextGen Pastor will also be responsible for the managing, leading, training and development of leaders and coordinators for those ministries. The NextGen pastor will need to stay on top of current trends and best practices in NextGen ministries so that these remain vital and healthy.  In essence, the NextGen Pastor will give pastoral care and leadership to our youth, children, and young adults into a post COVID world.

Expected Outcomes

  • Our desire is to be a hope-filled place where kids & youth beg to attend while developing a lifelong faith.
  • Coming alongside and offering pastoral care and creating places for everyone to feel safe within the church and in the community (not just running programs).
  • Leading and training of a thriving volunteer culture who Wildly Love each other and those they serve.
  • Working with and equipping parents and the church family to pass on their faith (Psalm 78)
  • Working with leadership and volunteers to rebuild and reshape the post-COVID NextGen ministries.

Tools provided

  • Remote access to meetings will be available
  • Office space/computer available, office phone, occasional remote work acceptable (evolvable), however required to be on hand/in person for most children and youth programs in order to connect with those we serve.
  • Churchwide software will be available to help with administration/communication needs (Sign in, Church App, etc.)
  • Hillcrest willing to send the Next Gen pastor for training and courses as required

Specific Job Tasks

  • Weekly
  • Mid-week Children’s Ministry
  • Sunday Children’s Ministry
  • Assist in Sunday Morning Service
  • Youth Ministry Middle School
  • Youth Ministry High School
  • Periodically
  • Young Adults
  • Young Marrieds
  • Monthly
  • Written reports to CE and Deacons team
  • Participate in CE and Deacons teams meetings
  • Participate in major church event planning and execution alongside other staff and volunteers                                      
  • Occasionally                       
  • Administration of Summer student grants along with supervision and coordination of Summer programming
  • Recruit, celebrate and equip volunteers
  • CBAC Youth events like One Conference, Mission Trips, Tidal impact
  • Other duties as required

Organizational relationships

(Where you would fit in Hillcrest's structure of leadership)

  • Team Player
  • Reports directly to Pastor and Deacons/HR team
  • Works closely with the Chair of the current Christian Education team.
  • Be a key ministry confidante to the Senior Pastor and participate in weekly staff, Service Planning and ministry lead team meetings (i.e. Deacons).

Conditions of Employment

  • Signing a Lifestyle agreement form
  • Clean criminal records check
  • Given the demands of ministry, the candidate will require a flexible schedule (i.e. some evenings and most Sundays)
  • Driver’s license 

How to Apply

Simply fill out the form below. You may attach your resume, cover letter, letters of reference, or anything else you would like us to consider with your application.